Award winning cricket coaches & club management specialists

We are a team of award winning cricket coaches

who specialise in coaching

 and sports club management services

At googly we recognise that  the child in us wants to play.

We therefore aspire to make sure that our coaching methods

are enjoyable yet maintaining a professional approach.

Our expertise in coaching cricket is backed by decades of experience.

Our skills allow us to cater for all types of players from beginners to the very experienced, child or adult, boy or girl.

We also provide cricket training and playing opportunities for children with learning or physical disabilities in South London.

We do this through our involvement with mainstream and special needs schools, charities, clubs and professional bodies.

We are now running summer courses at Spencer Cricket Club. Call us for further details

We design and produce unique tool kits for coaches and teachers.

Our coaching and resources pack are a must have for those working in

Special Educational Needs and Disability.